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Ben Marguglio

Why This Webinar?

Enterprises procuring equipment and software run the risk of unnecessarily spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars for the initial and follow-on procurements.  This seminar is aimed at helping the enterprise avoid such unnecessary expenditures.


This webinar is designed for anyone who specifies or reviews the specifications for the procurement of equipment and software and their managers – e.g., personnel in the following functions: engineering, manufacturing engineering, maintenance, operations, quality, safety, environmental affairs and procurement, among others.

The focus in this webinar is on contractual clauses that are applicable to highly technical and complex facilities such as nuclear powered electricity generating facilities, U.S. Department Of Energy research laboratories, oil and gas facilities, ports, military facilities, large manufacturing facilities, and the like.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this webinar, one will understand:

  • Why and how to apply dozens of contractual clauses for cost avoidance and quality assurance;
  • Why and how to apply Commercial Grade Dedication processes for equipment and software also for cost avoidance and quality assurance.


  • Procurement objectives
  • Types of procurements
  • Two dozen contractual clauses for cost avoidance and quality assurance
    –– Technical and cost benefits of each clause
    –– Specific language of each clause
    –– Examples of dollar losses and quality problems attributable to the failure to apply these clauses
  • Commercial Grade Dedication processes for components, and for software
    –– Technical and cost benefit
    –– Process specifics for each type of dedication
    –– Failure Mode & Effects Analysis as a major element of the dedication process


  • Certificate of Completion showing the number of education hours, with appropriate Continuing Education Units that may be used toward university course credits or professional re-certifications, signed by Ben Marguglio.
  • A license for the PowerPoint slides used in the presentation may be purchased.