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Ben Marguglio

Why This Seminar?

Measurement accuracy is important because measurement may provide the basis for: the establishment of a product design characteristic; the acceptance or rejection of a product characteristic as manufactured; the determination of the cause of a product failure.


This seminar is designed for those having responsibility for the calibration control management system and for inspection and test planning (particularly for the selection of measurement devices). Those having responsibility for inspection and test also will gain a related learning experience.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this seminar, one will be able to:

  • Understand and use the terminology of measurement control;
  • Design and implement a measurement control management system consisting of the elements listed in the “Outline”, below;
  • Recognize things to be considered in selecting measurement devices.


  • Sources of measurement error
  • Meanings of precision, bias, accuracy and resolution
  • Calibration control standard
  • Measurement control policy
  • Elements of a calibration procedure
  • Criteria for the selection of calibration intervals and standardized intervals
  • The measurement hierarchy / Calibration traceability to national laboratories
  • Types and use of decals and seals
  • Procurement of measurement devices
  • Handling and transportation of measurement devices
  • Calibration and recall records
  • Multiple or ratio of device accuracy to characteristic tolerance spread
  • Effect of environment
  • Recall
  • Corrective action
  • Measurement pinch
  • Reducing measurement error with good procedures
  • Reducing measurement with good training


  • Copy of the visual aids
  • Copy of the 32-page chapter on “Measurement Control” from B.W. (Ben) Marguglio’s book, with examples of a management system procedure, a detailed calibration procedure, and a schedule of calibration intervals.
  • Certificate of Completion showing 15 education hours, with 1.5 Continuing Education Units that may be used toward university course credits or professional re-certifications, signed by Ben Marguglio