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Ben Marguglio

Why This Seminar?

If the performance of a function is not being measured, the management of the function is less effective. Quantitative performance indicators (QPIs) provide the needed measurement for added management effectiveness.


This seminar is suitable for those who manage at all levels in the enterprise and in any functions of the enterprise.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this seminar, one will be able to understand and design QPIs for a wide variety of functions – e.g., design, operations and maintenance.


  • Definitions of terms used in conjunction with QPIs
  • Objectives of QPIs
  • Criteria for the selection and use of QPIs
  • The hierarchy of PIs – lagging and leading QPIs in the hierarchy
  • Types of PIs – absolute and index QPIs
  • Criteria for the establishment of action thresholds
  • Analysis of QPI data
  • Groupings of QPIs for various functions of the enterprise – e.g.:
  • QPIs unique to the design engineering function
  • QPIs unique to the procurement function
  • QPIs unique to the operations function
  • QPIs unique to the field work planning function
  • QPIs unique to the maintenance function
  • QPIs applicable to all functions -e.g.:
  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Quality
  • Cost Control
  • Descriptions of the QPIs in each group (a) 
  • Examples of periodic reports derived from QPIs

(a) Literally, dozens of QPIs will be described with their rationale and formulae.


  • Copy of the visual aids
  • Copies of the QPIs and sample QPI reports
  • Certificate of Completion showing 7 ½ education hours, with 0.75 Continuing Education Units that may be used toward university course credits or professional re-certifications, signed by Ben Marguglio