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Ben Marguglio

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this seminar, one will understand:

• Problem / condition reporting, root cause analysis, and corrective action terminology;
• How to perform or facilitate root cause analysis using any of the techniques listed in the Outline, below;
• How to design and implement a problem / condition reporting, root cause analysis, and corrective action system;
• How to manage or assess such a system;
• (How to perform hardware risk management and process risk management, which is not root cause analysis.).


• System participant responsibilities
• System participant responsibilities
• System capabilities
• Condition data collection criteria
• Standard data tables / Data to be collected, and why
• Condition definition
• Fact versus conclusion
• Extent of Problem / Condition Analysis
• Operating experience
• Risk-based initial screening of condition reports
• Risk, urgency and significance
• Root, contributing and direct causes
• Criteria for action
• Administration of root cause analysis
–– Root cause analysis team / individual qualifications
–– Root cause analysis charter
–– Root cause analysis plan
• Data collection
• Interviewing
—— Preparations
—— At the scene
—— Interviewing template
• Root cause analysis techniques
—— The 5 WHYs
—— Change Analysis
—— (Failure Mode & Effects Analysis during hardware design – essentially, Hardware Risk Management, not RCA)
—— Failure Mode & Effects Analysis following hardware failure
—— (The 7 prerequisites to Process Design Analysis – essentially, Process Risk Management, not RCA)
—— (The 8-step Process Risk Management technique (The Rule of 8) during process design, not RCA)
—— Process Design Analysis following process failure, with a case study, using templates
—— Time-line Analysis, with a case study, using templates
—— Cause & Effects Analysis / Fishbone diagrams with examples
—— (Probabilistic Risk Assessment with examples – essentially Facility Risk Management, not RCA)
—— Process flow diagrams with an example
—— Value stream diagrams with an example
—— Other
• Hardware failure modes
• Hardware failure causes
• Human performance root causes
• Extent of Cause Analysis
• The eight types of corrective action
• Elements of a corrective action commitment
• Corrective action verification techniques
• Leading and lagging performance indicators
• Performance and status indicator reports


• Copy of approximately 150 PowerPoint slides used in the seminar
• Copy of approximately 10 case studies and exercises used in the seminar
• Copy of templates used for Modified Hazard-Barrier-Effects Analysis / Process Design & Implementation Analysis and Time-Line Analysis
• Certificate of Completion showing 15 education hours, with 1.5 Continuing Education Units that may be used toward university course credits or professional re-certifications, signed by Ben Marguglio